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New Financing

International Business Development and Strategy


Global Growth and Legal Experts

One-stop source for helping clients develop customized and targeted strategies, implement business development programs, structure resulting relationships and transactions, and complete the deal-making and closing process.

Lyon Capital also provides business-oriented legal and dispute resolution services, including serving as General Counsel for small entrepreneurial firms. 


International and U.S. Experts

Experience in over 100 countries -- including China, SE Asia, the GCC and MENA, India, EU -- with headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Multiple Technology and Market Experience:

Space, Life Sciences, Renewable Energy, Telecommunications,

 Real Estate, Education.

LinkedIn Profile

Experienced and Successful

Leader in New Commercial Space Sector working with multiple companies harnessing lower launch and build costs to develop new space-sector markets and applications.

Leader in developing commercial space tourist industry.

Cross-border strategy and transaction specialist.

Senior U.S. Government experience, as well as successful management of private sector goals dealing with the Government.

Mentor and Adviser in the Creative Destruction Laboratory programs assisting new companies grow and develop. 

Photo: Mr. Lyon with Russian cosmonaut during training of first space tourist.